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HTH ND Latest 1.6
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Check iOS Passcode:
put your device in Recovery Mode.
select the " Check iOS Passcode " button.
Check Sim Lock:
Ensure your device is in Normal or Hello mode.
Select the " Check Sim Lock " button.
Hidden iCloud (12-16/Jailbreak):
(Note: Device needs to be Jailbroken with Checkra1n or Winrain before proceeding.)
Jailbreak the device:

Tick " Checkra1n(0.12.4) " to jailbreak (iOS 12-14.8.1).
Tick " CheckRa1n(0.1337.1) " to jailbreak (iOS 15-16).
Alternatively, you can Jailbreak with Checkra1n/USB Boot Jailbreak on iOS 12-14.8.1.

( Note: Jailbreak process must be completed successfully, or if there is an error, Jailbreak again. )
Select the " Hidden iCloud (12-16/Jailbreak) " button.

Reboot Device:
( Select the " Reboot Device " button if you encounter iCloud login errors after using the Hidden iCloud feature.)

Features of HTH ND:​
HTH Ra1n JB iOS 15-16: This feature allows you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or 16.
Hidden iCloud JB (12-16.6): This feature allows you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 to 16.6 even if the device is activation locked.
Check Sim Lock: This feature allows you to check if your iPhone or iPad is sim locked. A
Fix Driver: With the help of this feature, you may resolve any driver problems that might be stopping your computer from detecting your iPhone or iPad.
IPWND (A7-A11): You can use this function to downgrade your iPhone or iPad's firmware from iOS 12 or later to iOS 11 or earlier. This may be helpful if you wish to jailbreak your device or are experiencing issues with the most recent firmware.
Boot Ramdisk (A7-A11): This feature allows you to boot your iPhone or iPad into a special mode called Ramdisk mode.
Check iOS Passcode: You can use this tool to check the passcode on your iPad or iPhone. If you've forgotten your passcode or want to make sure your device is safe, this can be helpful.
Exit Recovery Mode: This feature allows you to exit Recovery Mode on your iPhone or iPad. Recovery Mode is a mode that your device enters when it is unable to boot normally.
Disable Update/Reset (6-X): This feature allows you to disable the Update and Reset features on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 to 10. This can be useful if you are trying to prevent someone from updating or resetting your device without your permission.

HTH ND Latest 1.6
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