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Phone Clinic Service Tool 2023-2.0.0
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Phone Clinic Service Tool 2023-2.0.0 Latest Version Free Download Suppose you are a customer or owner of Mediatek devices and are searching for a reliable tool to aid in unlocking your device, removing FRP, and many other tasks. In that case, you will find that the Phone Clinic Service tool is available to help you. Created specifically to work with Mediatek models, this tiny but powerful tool works on Windows 7 to 11 operating systems that run on 64-bit architecture. With a wide range of support for various MTK models, it provides an easy solution to diverse device operations. We will look at the capabilities, models supported, and advantages of working with Phone Clinic Service. Phone Clinic Service tool.

The Features of the Phone Clinic Service Tool
The phone Clinic Service tool offers various features to help simplify the management of devices and maintenance. Some of the significant features include:

Special MTK Functions
Eliminate FRP New The function allows you to unblock the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on modern MTK devices.
Format Removing: This function lets you quickly format and eliminate unwanted information off your device.
Read BootloaderThis feature lets you access the bootloader details of your device.
Universal MTK Functions
Erase FRP It lets to bypass and eliminate the FRP lock from various MTK devices.
Format unlock: With this feature, you can change the format of your MTK device and unlock it. Device.
Unlock BootloaderThis function lets you unlock the bootloader on compatible MTK models.
Reset MiCloud: This feature allows you to reset your iCloud account if you have a Xiaomi phone.
Erase NV: This feature lets one delete the NVM partition of your MTK device.
FRP Samsung: With this function, you can remove the FRP lock from Samsung devices.
Authorization Bypass: This feature helps to get around the authentication process on MTK devices that support it.
FRP New OSFor the latest MTK models, this function allows you to turn off the FRP lock on the most recent operating systems.

Vivo S1 China
Vivo S10
Vivo S10 Pro
Vivo S7e
Vivo S9
Vivo Y1s
Vivo Y3
Vivo Y33s
Vivo Y3s
Vivo Y5s
Vivo Y12
Vivo Y12s
Vivo Y15
Vivo Y15s
Vivo Y17
Vivo Y21s
Vivo Y20 (2021)
Vivo Y20G
Vivo Y20sG
Vivo Y21 (2021)
Vivo Y3
Vivo Y3s
Vivo Y30
Vivo Y30i
Vivo Y52s 5G
Vivo Y53s
Vivo Y67A
Vivo Y67L
Vivo Y67
Vivo Y69
Vivo Y72 5G
Vivo Y73
Vivo Y73S
Vivo Y75
Vivo Y81
Vivo Y81s
Vivo Y81i
Vivo Y83
Vivo Y90
Vivo Y91i
Vivo Y91
Vivo Y91C
Vivo Y93s
Vivo Y97 / Z3i
Vivo V5s
Vivo Y19
Vivo V23e BETA
Vivo V21e 5G BETA
Vivo V5
Vivo V11i 1806
Vivo V15
Vivo V17 NEO
Vivo V21 5G
Vivo V21e 5G
Vivo X21i
Vivo X50 Lite
Vivo X60t
Vivo Z1i
Vivo iQ00 Z1 | Z1i
Lenovo A10-80HC (Tab A10-80HC 3G Call)
Lenovo A1010a20 (Vibe A Plus)
Lenovo A2010
Lenovo A2010-A
Lenovo A2010136
Lenovo A2016a40 (Lenovo cool
Lenovo A2016b30 (Lenovo cool
Lenovo A2016b31 (Lenovo cool
Lenovo A2020A40 (Lenovo Vibe C)
Lenovo A269i
Lenovo A3000 (IdeaTab A3000 3G)
Lenovo A3000-F (IdeaTab A3000F WiFi)
Lenovo A3000-H (IdeaTab A3000H 3G Call)
Lenovo A308T
Lenovo A316
Lenovo A316i
Lenovo A318T
Lenovo A319
Lenovo A320T
Lenovo A327i
Lenovo A328
Lenovo A3300-GV (Tab A7-30 A3300GV 2G
Lenovo A3300-H (Tab A7-30 A3300H 3G)
Lenovo A3300-HV (Tab A7-30 A3300HV 3G
Lenovo A3300-T (Tab A7-30 A3300T 3G)
Lenovo A3500-F (Tab A7-50 A3500F WiFi)
Lenovo A3500-FL (Tab A7-50 A3500FL WiFi
Lenovo A3500-H (Tab A7-50 A3500H 3G)
Lenovo A3500-HV (Tab A7-50 A3500HV 3G
Lenovo A3580
Lenovo A3600-D
Lenovo A3690
Lenovo A369i
Lenovo A3800-D
Lenovo A3860
Lenovo A3890
Lenovo A3910e70
Lenovo A3910130
Lenovo A399
Lenovo A5000
Lenovo A516
Lenovo A526
Lenovo A529
Lenovo A536
Lenovo A5500-H
Lenovo A5500-H (Tab A8-50 A5500H 3G)
Lenovo A5500-HV (Tab A8-50 A5500HV 3G
Lenovo A5600
Lenovo A5800-D
Lenovo A5890
Lenovo A6000 (Kraft)
Lenovo A6000 Plus
Lenovo A6000-L
Lenovo A6010
Lenovo A6010 Plus
Lenovo A6020A40 (Vibe K5)
Lenovo A6020A41 (Vibe K5)
Lenovo A6020A41 (Vibe K5)
Lenovo A6020A46 (Vibe K5 Plus)
Lenovo A6020A46 (Vibe K5 Plus)
Lenovo A6020136 (Vibe K5 Grafite)
Lenovo A6020L36 (Vibe K5 Plus)
Lenovo A6020L37 (Lenovo Vibe K5)
Lenovo A606
Lenovo A616
Lenovo A628T
Lenovo A6600a40 (A6600 Plus)
Lenovo A6600d40 (A6600 Plus)
Lenovo A680
Lenovo A7-30D (Tab 2 A7-30DC 3G)
Lenovo A7-30DC (Tab 2 A7-30DC 3G Call)
Lenovo A7-30F (Tab 2 A7-30F WiFi)
Lenovo A7-30GC (Tab 2 A7-30GC 3G Call)
Lenovo A7-30H (Tab 2 A7-30H 3G)
Lenovo A7-30HC (Tab 2 3G Call)
Lenovo A7-60HC (Tab 2 A7-60HC 3G Call)
Lenovo A7000 Plus
Lenovo A7000-A
Lenovo A7010a48 (Vibe K4 Note)
Lenovo A7020a40 (Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo A7020a48 (K5 Note)
Lenovo A7020a48 (Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo A708T
Lenovo A7600
Lenovo A7600-H (Tab A10-70 A7600H 3G)
Lenovo A7600-M
Lenovo A766
Lenovo A8-50F (Tab 2 A8-50F)
Lenovo A8-50L (Tab 2 A8-50L)
Lenovo A8-50LC (Tab 2 A8-50LC)
Lenovo A805E (Airplayep)
Lenovo A806
Lenovo A816
Lenovo A820
Lenovo A830
Lenovo A850
Lenovo A850 Plus
Lenovo A858
Lenovo 858t
Lenovo A859
Lenovo 880
Lenovo A889
Lenovo A916
Lenovo A936 (Note 8)
Lenovo B6000-F (Yoga Tab 8 WiFi)
Lenovo B6000-H (Yoga Tab 8 3G)
Lenovo B6000-HV (Yoga Tab 8 3G Call)
Lenovo B8000-F (Yoga Tab 10 WiFi)
Lenovo B8000-H (Yoga Tab 10 3G)
Lenovo B8000-HV (Yoga Tab 10 3G Call)
Lenovo K10E70 (K10) Lenovo K10a40 (Lenovo C2)
Lenovo K30-E (K3 Lemon)
Lenovo K30-T (K3 Lemon)
Lenovo K30-TM (K3 Lemon)
Lenovo K30-W (K3 Lemon)
Lenovo K31-T3 (K3 Lemon)
Lenovo K32C36 (Lemon 3)
Lenovo K32c30 (Lenovo Vibe K5)
Lenovo K33A42 (Lenovo Vibe K6 Power)
Lenovo K33A48 (Lenovo Vibe K6)
Lenovo K33B36 (Lenovo Vibe K6)
Lenovo K33b37 (K6 LTE)
Lenovo K5 Play
Lenovo K51c78 (Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite)
Lenovo K520
Lenovo K52a48 (Lenovo Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo K52e78 (Lenovo Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo K52138 (Lenovo Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo K53A48 (K6 Note)
Lenovo K53B36 (K6 Plus)
Lenovo K53B36 (Lenovo Vibe K6 Plus)
Lenovo K53B37 (K6 Plus)
Lenovo K8 Note
Lenovo K8 Plus
Lenovo L18011 (A5)
Lenovo L18021 (A5)
Lenovo L19041 (A6 Note)
Lenovo L38012 (K9 Note)
Lenovo L38031 (K5s)
Lenovo L38041 (K5 Pro)
Lenovo L38043 (K9)
Lenovo L38082 (K6 Enjoy)
Lenovo L38111 (Z6 Youth)
Lenovo L58041 (S5 Pro)
Lenovo L78011 (25)
Lenovo L78032 (Z5 Pro)
Lenovo L78051 (Z6 Pro)
Lenovo P1A41 (Lenovo Vibe P1 Pro)
Lenovo P1A42 (Lenovo Vibe P1)
Lenovo P1C58 (Lenovo Vibe P1)
Lenovo P1C72 (Lenovo Vibe P1)
Lenovo P1ma40 (Lenovo Vibe P1M)
Lenovo P2A42 (P2 Pro)
Lenovo P380
Lenovo P70-A
Lenovo P70-T
Lenovo P780
Lenovo PB1-750M (Phab)
Lenovo PB1-750N (Phab)
Lenovo PB1-750P (Phab)
Lenovo PB1-770 (Phab)
Lenovo PB1-770M (Phab Plus)
Lenovo PB1-770N (Phab Plus)
Lenovo PB2-350M (Phab 2)
Lenovo PB2-650M (Phab 2)
Lenovo PB2-650Y (Phab 2)
Lenovo PB2-670M (Phab 2 Plus)
Lenovo PB2-670N (Phab 2 Plus)
Lenovo PB2-670Y (Phab 2 Plus)
Lenovo PB2-690M (Phab 2 Pro)
Lenovo PB2-690N (Phab 2 Pro)
Lenovo S1La40 (Lenovo Vibe S1)
Lenovo S1a40 (Lenovo Vibe S1) Lenovo $5
Lenovo S5000-F (IdeaTab $5000F WiFi)
Lenovo S5000-H (IdeaTab $5000H 3G) Lenovo S60-A Lenovo S60-T
Lenovo S60-W
Lenovo S6000-F (IdeaTab S6000F WiFi)
Lenovo S6000-H (IdeaTab S6000H 3G)
Lenovo $650
Lenovo S668T
Lenovo $750
Lenovo S820
Lenovo S850
Lenovo S856
Lenovo S858T
Lenovo S860
Lenovo S898T
Lenovo S898T Plus
Lenovo S90-A
Lenovo S90-E
Lenovo S90-T
Lenovo S90-U
Lenovo $920
Lenovo S930
Lenovo S938T
Lenovo S939
Lenovo S960 (Lenovo Vibe X)
Lenovo TB-7104F (Tab E7)
Lenovo TB-7304F (Tab 4 A7 Essential WiFi)
Lenovo TB-73041 (Tab 4 A7 Essential 3G)
Lenovo TB-7304N (Tab 7 Essential 4G)
Lenovo TB-7304X (Tab 4 A7 Essential LTE)
Lenovo TB-73051 (Tab M7) Lenovo TB-7703X (Tab 3 A7 Plus)
Lenovo TB-8504F (Tab4 8)
Lenovo TB-8504N (Tab4 8)
Lenovo TB-8504X (Tab4 8)
Lenovo TB-8505F (Tab M8)
Lenovo TB-8505X (Tab M8 LTE)
Lenovo TB-8505XS (Tab M8 ita)
Lenovo TB-8703F (Tab3 8 Plus)
Lenovo TB-8703N (Tab3 8 Plus)
Lenovo TB-8703X (Tab3 8 Plus)
Lenovo TB-8704F (Tab4 Plus)
Lenovo TB-8704X (Tab4 Plus)
Lenovo TB-X103F (Tab 10)
Lenovo TB-X304F (Tab 4)
Lenovo TB-X304L (Tab 4)
Lenovo TB-X304X (Tab 4)
Lenovo TB-X704F (Tab4 10 Plus)
Lenovo TB-X704L (Tab4 10 Plus)
Lenovo TB-X704V (Tab4 10 Plus)
Lenovo TB2-X30F (Tab 2 A10-30)
Lenovo TB2-X30L (Tab 2 A10-30)
Lenovo TB3-7101 (Tab3 7)
Lenovo TB3-710L (Tab 3 Essential)
Lenovo TB3-730F (Tab 3 A7-30 WiFi)
Lenovo TB3-730M (Tab 3 A7-30)
Lenovo TB3-730X (Tab 3 A7-30)
Lenovo TB3-7703X (Tab 3 A7 Plus)
Lenovo TB3-850F (Tab 3 A8 WiFi)
Lenovo TB3-850M (Tab 3 A8 LTE)
Lenovo TB3-X70F (Tab 3 A10 Business WiF
Lenovo TB3-X70L (Tab 3 A10 Business LTE)
Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo Lenovo Vibe X3
Lenovo Vibe Z2
Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro
Lenovo Vibe Z2T
Lenovo X2-AP (Lenovo Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2-CU (Lenovo Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2-EU (Lenovo Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2-TC (Lenovo Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2-TO (Lenovo Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2Pt5 (Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro)
Lenovo X3A40 (Lenovo Vibe X3)
Lenovo X3C50 (Lenovo VibeX3)
Lenovo X3c70 (Lenovo Vibe X3)
Lenovo YT-X703F (YogaTab 3)
Lenovo YT-X703L (Yoga Tab 3)
Lenovo YT-X703X (Yoga Tab 3)
Lenovo YT3-850L (Yoga Tab 3 8.0)
Lenovo YT3-850M (Yoga Tab 3)
Lenovo YT3-X50L (Yoga Tab 3 10)
Lenovo YT3-X50M (Yoga Tab 3 10 Call)
Lenovo Z2132 (ZUK Z2 Plus)
Lenovo Z2151 (ZUK Edge L)
Lenovo Z2t (Lenovo Vibe Z2)
Lenovo Z90-3 (Lenovo Vibe Shot)
Lenovo Z90-7 (Lenovo Vibe Shot)
Lenovo Z90A40 (Lenovo Vibe Shot)
Lenovo ZUK Z1
Lenovo ZUK Z2

Tecno A6 (Phantom 6)
Tecno A6S (Phantom 6S)
Tecno A7 (Phantom Z)
Tecno A7S (Phantom Z)
Tecno A9 (Phantom 6 Plus)
Tecno AL58 (Festa 5 CM)
Tecno AL59 (Festa 5 CU)
Tecno AX8 (Phantom 8)
Tecno AX8S (Phantom 8S)
Tecno B1P (Pop 2 Power)
Tecno B1f (POP 2F)
Tecno BB2 (POP 3)
Tecno BB4k (Spark 4 Lite)
Tecno C5 (Camon C5)
Tecno C7 (Camon C7)
Tecno C8 (Camon C8)
Tecno C9 (Camon C9)
Tecno C9 Pro (Camon C9 Pro)
Tecno C9S (Camon C9S)
Tecno CA6 (Camon CM)
Tecno CA6S (Camon CM)
Tecno CA7 (Camon X)
Tecno CA8 (Camon X Pro)
Tecno CC7 (Camon 12)
Tecno CC9 (Camon 12 Pro)
Tecno CD6 (Camon 15 Air)
Tecno CD6j (Camon 165)
Tecno CD7 (Camon 15)
Tecno CD8 (Camon 15 Pro)
Tecno CE7 (Camon 16)
Tecno CE8 (Camon 16 Pro)
Tecno CF7 (Camon 11)
Tecno CF7K (Camon 11)
Tecno CF8 (Camon 11 Pro)
Tecno CX-H501D1 (Camon CX)
Tecno CX-H501DE (Camon CX)
Tecno CXS (Camon CXS)
Tecno DP10A (DroiPad 10A)
Tecno DP8D (DroiPad 8D)
Tecno F1
Tecno F2
Tecno F2 LTE
Tecno F3 (Pop 1)
Tecno F4 (Pop 15)
Tecno F4 Pro (Pop 15 Pro)
Tecno F5
Tecno F6
Tecno H6
Tecno H7
Tecno H7 Plus
Tecno H7S
Tecno 17
Tecno IA5 (Camon i Twin)
Tecno ID5 (Camon I)
Tecno ID5B (Camon i 2X)
Tecno ID5a (Camon i2)
Tecno ID6 (Camon iClick 2)
Tecno IN1 (Camon Ace)
Tecno IN1 Pro (Camon Sky 2)
Tecno IN2 (Camon iSky)
Tecno IN3 (Camon iAir)
Tecno IN5 (Camon I)
Tecno J5 (Boom J5)
Tecno J7 (Boom J7)
Tecno J8 (Boom J8)
Tecno K7 (Spark 9 K7)
Tecno K8 (Spark Pro K8)
Tecno K9 (Spark Plus K9)
Tecno KA6 (Spark Youth)
Tecno KA7 (Spark 2)
Tecno KA70 (Spark 2 Go)
Tecno KA9 (Spark CM)
Tecno KB2 (Camon i Ace 2)
Tecno KB2J (Camon i Ace 2x)
Tecno KB7 (Spark 3)
Tecno KC2 (Spark 4)
Tecno KC2J (Spark 4)
Tecno KC3 (Camon 12 Air)
Tecno KC8 (Spark Go)
Tecno KD7 (Spark 5 Pro)
Tecno KD7h (Spark 5)
Tecno KE5j (Spark 6 Go)
Tecno KE7 (Spark 6)
Tecno L5
Tecno L6
Tecno L7
Tecno L8 (Power Max L8)
Tecno L8 Lite (Power Max L8 Lite)
Tecno L8 Plus (Power Max L8 Plus)
Tecno L9 (Power Max L9)
Tecno L9 Plus (Power Max L9 Plus)
Tecno LA6 (Pouvoir 1)
Tecno LA7 (Pouvoir 2 Pro)
Tecno LA7 Pro (Pouvoir 2 Pro)
Tecno LB7 (Pouvoir 3)
Tecno LC6 (Pouvoir 3 Air)
Tecno LD7 (Pova)
Tecno M6
Tecno M6S
Tecno N2
Tecno N2S
Tecno N5S
Tecno N6
Tecno N8
Tecno N8S
Tecno N9
Tecno P5
Tecno P5 Plus
Tecno P5S
Tecno P6 (Phantom A mini)
Tecno P701 (Droipad 7)
Tecno P702 (DroiPad 7D Pro)
Tecno P904 (DroiPad 10D)
Tecno PP7E (PhonePad 7E)
Tecno PP7F Pro (PhonePad 3)
Tecno PTM-Z Mini (Phantom Z Mini)
Tecno Phantom5 (Phantom 5)
Tecno Phantom5S (Phantom 5S)
Tecno R5
Tecno R6
Tecno R6S
Tecno R7
Tecno RA6
Tecno S1
Tecno S1E (S1E Pro)
Tecno S1M
Tecno $15 ($15 Lite)
Tecno S6S
Tecno S7
Tecno S9
Tecno S9S
Tecno SA1
Tecno SA6S
Tecno Spark 5 Air
Tecno W1
Tecno W2
Tecno W3
Tecno W3 LTE
Tecno W3 Pro
Tecno W4
Tecno W4S
Tecno W5 Lite
Tecno WX3
Tecno WX3 LTE (WX3)
Tecno WX3F LTE
Tecno WX3P
Tecno WX4
Tecno WX4 Pro
Tecno WX4 ProS (WX4 Pro S)
Tecno Y2
Tecno Y3
Tecno Y3S
Tecno Y4
Tecno Y5
Tecno Y5S
Tecno Y6
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 | 10X 4G
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MTK)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MTK)
Xiaomi Redmi 9A/9T/9i
Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC
Xiaomi Redmi 6A
Xiaomi Redmi 6
Xiaomi Redmi Mi Play
Xiaomi Poco M2
Xiaomi Redmi 9C | PocoPhone C3
Xiaomi Redmi 10X 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 10X Pro 5G
Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra
Xiaomi Redmi Note 105 4G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021
Xiaomi Redmi 9
Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10T 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Poco X3 GT
Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming
Xiaomi Poco F3 GT Gaming
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 10 | 10 Prime
Xiaomi Poco C31 Xiaomi 11T
How Do I Make Use Of It?
The rar file can be downloaded to your PC from the following link.
Download the setup file to your desktop
Setup the file
Run the shortcut from your desktop, ” PhoneClinicServce.”
You will need login credentials for logging into your application (Below I have provided)

Phone Clinic Service Tool 2023-2.0.0
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